Remixers: Andestro remixes “Where’s Your Love”

Andestro’s preferred music styles are Trance, Uplifting Trance, Progressive Trance, EDM, Dance. In 2020 he got in touch with Thomas Schaller from Copamore and In 2021 it comes to a prosperous collaboration resulting in a gorgeous contribution to the “Where’s Your Love”-Remixes that finally were released last Friday by Stardome Recordings.

“Where’s Your Love (Andestro Remix)”

Andestro’s real name is Andreas Trojanowski, born in 1974 in Germany, NRW.Andestro started his professional DJ career in 2000 as Andy Mac B. After some years in big and small clubs he decided to start producing electronic dance music together with his old DJ partner Thomas Corbeck / Tom-E Project. The project was called: “Unique Beatz”, which still is the name of Andestro’s studio. After some years of “playing” around the project was stopped. Andy had a music-break for some years. In 2016 he re-organized this studio and started again without a partner. In December 2017 “Andestro” was born – with his first release: “Separate Identity”. After that several remixes and own productions followed in the special Andestro style.


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