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With their tropical house anthem „Where’s Your Love“  DJ-& Producer Duo Copamore delivered the sound of the summer 2016 – a track that has rapidly gone viral (more than 150.000 Views on YouTube) and landed a surprise comeback in 2016 after a break of more than 15 years! From this time on the two producers have been releasing a lot of tracks that have reached top charts positions all around the globe.



Downtempo-Chillout track performed by the upcoming Austro-Scottish 21 year old pop star Fiona Reid.



Sean Norvis launches for his birthday the single „Embrace Me“ with Copamore & Justine Berg. A dance song with a „violin touch“ performed by Ada Luca (Romanian National Opera Timisoara), but also with South American percussion, performed by Fabricio Martin Alva Delgado, a very talented young artist from Chiclayo, Peru, now settled in Timisoara, composed by Michael Schaller and Thomas H. Schaller (Copamore).

„The story of the song is about an innocent lost girl. When she listens
to a magic melody played by a mysterious violin player, she starts to
feel embraced, inspired and more and more obsessed by his sound“.

The song sends a positive message and will be found on Sean Norvis‘ next album – „United“. The video was filmed in Club Fratelli in Timișoara, during the event that Sean Norvis held in January with several artists from the country and abroad.



„Stand together“ is Copamore’s official summer track for 2020. Since 2016 COPAMORE have had delivered „Friends, We Are Coming“, „Where’s Your Love“, „Como Se Baila“ and „Breeze“ together with Febration and the cooperation „Here I Am“ together with the Romanian hit producer Sean Norvis , at least 1 or 2 summer titles every year, which are very well received on all streaming platforms. The production of the current title „Stand together“ took place in January of this year. Actually, „Stand together“ should have been released and promoted in the course of the big football events of this year – the „Euro 2020“, the „Copa America“ ​​and the „Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers“ – since the first two events were canceled at least for this year, COPAMORE have decided to bring the release of the title forward and to put the message „Stand together“ in the focus. „Stand together“ is a rousing Reggaeton track that is very positive from its message of „solidarity and friendship“, which combines party atmosphere with the relaxed atmosphere of a cool mojito enjoyed on the beach. „Stand together“ is interpreted by the American „Soosmooth“, who like with „Como se baila“ or „Breeze“, gives the song a special character with his unique vocal timbre. Soosmooth’s way of working is very immediate – he implements our vocal ideas and texts in a few takes very spontaneously, intuitively and perfectly to the point. What COPAMORE are personally sorry about is the fact that the release party cannot take place in the usual form due to the current security measures.  Michael in particular, who has been living in Mattighofen since 2016, would have been very happy to meet the Salzburg community again during the presentation. But COPAMORE  present the full length of the track in the form of a short live stream on our Facebook page „Copamore“ on March 27 2020 .



Together with their mate Mikey Shyne from NYC Copamore released their Christmas song „Christmas Wish“ EP including a rocking Radio Mix and a smooth Piano Mix in the early December 2019.




The Austrian producer team Copamore toured again this summer with cool beats in their backpacks around the hippest clubs in Europe. They accompanied the Romanian co-producer Sean Norvis, well-known beyond the borders of the EU, and the voice of this summer – Larisa Mester. Together they have brought the first results of this promising cooperation – a deep house track with a fantastically beautiful violin drop and the title „Here I am“ – more than just a sign of life, but an ode to the joie de vivre. The video was just shot in Budapest and emphasizes the positive mood of this summer track with carefree, relaxed pictures.


In late summer Copamore release a diverse remix package of their previous Reggaeton summer smasher  „Como se baila“ on Stardome Recordings and the track „Breeze“, a collaboration with DJ & producer Febration for the  first time for the Italian label Shake! Featuring both tracks: the brilliant voice of „Soosmooth„. In the end of 2018 Copamore teamed up with Will G. & DJ Savior to release the Deep House Anthem „Hands In The Air“!

In time before the football world championship 2018 Copamore were going to promote their soccer anthem „Amigos, ya vamos!“ / „Amigos, vamos lá!“ 

The year 2018 began as the year ended in 2017:
With great feedback and high charts positions (e. g. Top 10 in the the officiale German Dance Charts and number 1 in the Austrian iTunes Charts) for Copamore’s rework from their 2000 major label release „Step into the Light 2k18“ feat. Mikey Shyne along with Housecrusherzzz and many great remixes by Mike De Vito, Harlie & Charper, Philip Aelis, A.Voltage.

A rework of their early 2017 success „Across The Line“ followed: the translation „Je Te Reverrai“ ft. Joanna Rays & Mikey Shyne mainly for the French market and including a remix by Philip Aelis again.

Copamore`s first release on the German label „Sounds United“ brings a remix of the 90s Dance Classic „A Deeper Love“ interpreted by Felicia Uwaje, the former Bass Bumpers‚ singer and again has been resulting in Top10 positions (e. g. in the official German Dance Charts).

2016 – 2017

After collaboration with renowned artists like the Jamaican MTV-artist Curtisay, Austrian chart breakers Darius & Finlay – the Italian singer Alvin River is featured on Copamore’s „Where’s Your Love“. This EP consists of a Radio-Edit, a Club-Edit, as well as a Ibiza-Chill-Mix and was released by the Austrian EDM-label Stardome Recordings in early August 2016!

The video for „Where’s Your Love“ was produced a few weeks before, at the picturesque coast of Figueira da Foz and tells the story about a man and his passionate desire for love!

The guys from Copamore have also  contributed a remix to DJ E-Maxx‘ smash hit feat. Constantin Luger: „Sleepless Nights (Copamore Remix)“ last summer!

The Austrian producer-duo Copamore is exceptionally good at pairing their synth driven electronic tracks with voices that catch people by surprise. Exceptional featuring artists like Curtisay from Jamaica and the US-shooting star Mikey Shyne are a delicious good choice for the hit EP „Across The Line“ – charting in many countries around Europe in the beginning of 2017 with over 200.000 Spotify plays – the upcoming release „Come Hold The Night“ and Copamore’s  single „Friends We Are Coming“ catching the fire of a passion for soccer perfectly. With their Copamore remixes of the excellent Clubhouse single „Blame The Weather“ and the Italo-smasher „Siempre Siempre“ the two bros prove their hands as remixers of international standing.

Their summer track 2017 „Come Hold The Night (ft. Shauna Cardwell)„entered top 10 of the iTunes-Charts as well as top 20 of the German Dance and Austrian DJ Charts. The Housecrusherzzz and Sl4tch contributed re-mixes that put the dancefloor on fire!

Autumn 2017: Copamore’s latest single „Where All The Lovers Go“ feat. Mikey Shine is a very emotional  future bass anthem and contains one killer Re-Mix contributed by the Housecrusherzzz!

Winter 2017/18: Copamore’s first collab with the „Housecrusherzzz“ brings their first hit record from the year 2000 back to life: „Step Into The Light 2k18“ feat. Mikey Shyne (incl. a massive mix pack!)


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