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With their tropical house anthem „Where’s Your Love“  DJ-& Producer Duo Copamore delivered the sound of last summer – a track that has already gone viral (more than 150.000 Views on YouTube)!

After collaboration with renowned artists like the Jamaican MTV-artist Curtisay, Austrian chart breakers Darius & Finlay – the Italian singer Alvin River is featured on Copamore’s „Where’s Your Love“. This EP consists of a Radio-Edit, a Club-Edit, as well as a Ibiza-Chill-Mix and was released by the Austrian EDM-label Stardome Recordings in early August 2016!

The video for „Where’s Your Love“ was produced a few weeks before, at the picturesque coast of Figueira da Foz and tells the story about a man and his passionate desire for love!

The guys from Copamore have also  contributed a remix to DJ E-Maxx‘ smash hit feat. Constantin Luger: „Sleepless Nights (Copamore Remix)“ last summer!

The Austrian producer-duo Copamore is exceptionally good at pairing their synth driven electronic tracks with voices that catch people by surprise. Exceptional featuring artists like Curtisay from Jamaica and the US-shooting star Mikey Shyne are a delicious good choice for the hit EP „Across The Line“ – charting in many countries around Europe in the beginning of 2017 with over 200.000 Spotify plays – the upcoming release „Come Hold The Night“ and Copamore’s latest single „Friends We Are Coming“ catching the fire of a passion for soccer perfectly. With their Copamore remixes of the excellent Clubhouse single „Blame The Weather“ and the Italo-smasher „Siempre Siempre“ the two bros prove their hands as remixers of international standing.

In time before the football world championship 2018 Copamore are going to promote their anthem: „Amigos, ya vamos!“ / „Amigos, vamos lá!“

Their summer track 2017 „Come Hold The Night (ft. Shauna Cardwell)„entered top 10 of the iTunes-Charts as well as top 20 of the German Dance and Austrian DJ Charts. The Housecrusherzzz and Sl4tch contributed re-mixes that put the dancefloor on fire!

Autumn 2017: Copamore’s latest single „Where All The Lovers Go“ feat. Mikey Shine is a very emotional  future bass anthem and contains one killer Re-Mix contributed by the Housecrusherzzz!

Winter 2017/18: Copamore’s first collab with the „Housecrusherzzz“ brings their first hit record from the year 2000 back to life: „Step Into The Light 2k18“ feat. Mikey Shyne (incl. a massive mix pack!)


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Grab Your Copy Of „Friends We Are Coming“ Now
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/at/album/friends-we-are-coming-football/id1200335866
Amazon.com: https://www.amazon.com/Friends-Coming-Football-feat-Curtisay/dp/B01N15PC1A/
Spotifiy: https://open.spotify.com/track/5RnTOzngvGulZKYgZFEALZ
Amazon.de: https://www.amazon.de/Friends-Coming-Football-feat-Curtisay/dp/B01MUFE3ZK/

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