COPAMORE „Nuestras Cenizas“ – Summer Hit 21 & „Stand Together (Football Fan Song)“ in 3 languages!

„Nuestras Cenizas (Radio Mix)“ is a reggaeton production on the topic of passionate devotion on a hot summer night, about the longing for an unconditional kind of love that goes beyond the end. The Latin dance track is interpreted by the soulful voice of the Argentinian Nay P. and produced by the producer duo Copamore. Find more about „Nuestras Cenizas (Radio Mix)“ here!


„Stand together“ is a rousing Reggaeton track that is very positive from its message of „solidarity as well as friendship“ and combines party atmosphere with the relaxed atmosphere of a cool mojito enjoyed on the beach.

Check out „Stand Together“ in Arabic available now & in Spanish here now!

The English version of „Stand together“ is interpreted by the American „Soosmooth“, who like with „Como se baila“ or „Breeze“, gives the song a special character with his unique vocal timbre. Soosmooth’s way of working is very immediate – he implements Copamore’s vocal ideas and lyrics in a few takes very spontaneously, intuitively and perfectly to the point. With “Stand Together”, the two producers find the message for the present and future. The song combines the most essential values we have: “Passion”, “Cohesion”, “Tolerance”, “Friendship”, “Peace” and “Love”. In this sense: it can only get better!

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